5 Signs That Your Clients Are Just Not That Into You

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Having experienced an unfortunate love life until the ripe age of 37 when I met my Andy, I thought the book “He’s Just Not That Into You” was written about me. It was all about stories of guys and gals who did 2 am booty calls, who refused to introduce you to his friends, who didn’t… continue reading »

5 Signs That You Are Living In The Dark Ages

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I’ve been having lots of short phone chats with people I meet while networking, on social media or with people who’ve been e-introduced to me. In some cases, I have to really shake my head at the mindset that greets me. Here are some hints that you might also be living in the dark ages…… continue reading »

The 5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Taking on a Client

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As a small business owner, I think my clients are like my bosses. I have loads of them. So if stats say that people leave their jobs because of not being able to get along with their bosses, I think it’s safe to say that it’s really important how you manage your clients. Like anything… continue reading »

How to Break Bad News to Clients

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Giving bad news to anyone sucks but to a client for a growing small business who holds your pay cheque and referrals in their hands, it could be downright scary. My fave marketing guru Sam Horne says the best way to handle a screwup is to ride A-train: Acknowledge, Apologize and Act. So it’s about… continue reading »

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