Uh-Oh: Do People Think You're a Bully?

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I’ll never forget the heartbreak and shock of when I first started my work life and a colleague called me ‘pushy’. Since then, I’ve always kept a keen eye on what I’m doing and saying to avoid being perceived as such a vile thing. This article resounded with me because what if some of us… continue reading »

5 Emails You Should Never Send

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I’m (fortunately) not old enough to have started my working life before the invention of the internet. In those times, I don’t know if people spoke to each other more before email but I’ve lived every facet of every interesting interaction on email during my 20 years of professional life. Here is a great article about… continue reading »

Are you falling off the tightrope?

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Work-life balance is the number two concern I run into in everyday conversations I have with managers these days (number one is conflict resolution with someone they manage). The tightrope of walking the fine balance between what needs to be done to sustain the business vs. the self (from eventual decay of health) remains an… continue reading »

When someone complained about me to my boss…

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7 Steps to Resolving Conflict with a Team Member the Right Way I lead the wonderful dual life of business coach and full time corporate manager. As it turns out; this duality helps manage each respective side better. Here’s a story that demonstrates this perfectly. A colleague at my day job complained about me to my… continue reading »

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