Nobody Opens My Emails


No, I don’t mean that people don’t open MY emails, hello-you’re reading this aren’t you? No, it’s just that I hear this complaint about a 100 times a day in my line of work. From frustrated clients, from business owners and even from my own dear Mother! Here’s why this is happening and what to… continue reading »

Stop Emailing Prospects Now


In my efforts to help my clients grow their businesses, I have to work especially hard to get them to stop simply emailing prospects. After all, they like email because it’s easy, it’s safe and there’s hardly any rejection involved, right? I mean my clients are prospecting with B2B high level decision makers. And as… continue reading »

Every $1 Spent On Email Marketing Gives Back $44


Are you still resisting doing newsletters or creating blogs to send to prospects through email marketing? Sadly, the stats are against you. People do read emails and they do buy from them. Even if you’re in the high value kind of business I’m in, emails open doors. I can personally attest to that and have tried… continue reading »

Your AMAZING photos

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Come on, fess up–did this email headline get your interest? Well, hopefully if you’re reading this it did. I’m also guessing that you’re a fairly busy person, drowning in emails. In the sea of emails, you might be asking yourself “what cuts the mustard with emails that get opened versus those that hit the trashcan… continue reading »

What Your Email Address Really Says About You

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I had to share this post with my fans and clients because I really do think your email address is a huge part of your brand character. A brand character is a set of human traits associated to your company. I find it so fascinating how people miss the opportunity to project their personality in… continue reading »

7 Email Prospecting Mistakes That Cost You Money

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Email is still the strongest sales and marketing tool out there even though it’s been around far longer than social media. There are a few things you can do to become better at it though. Here are some things to avoid when using email to prospect… 1. Poor subject line Research has shown that a… continue reading »

5 Emails You Should Never Send

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I’m (fortunately) not old enough to have started my working life before the invention of the internet. In those times, I don’t know if people spoke to each other more before email but I’ve lived every facet of every interesting interaction on email during my 20 years of professional life. Here is a great article about… continue reading »

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