How to Stop Over Thinking and Get Things Done

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If you simply can’t make a quick decision and you are a procrastinator of the worst kind, you’re probably overthink things. You know you’re an Overthinker if things you commit to are always late and you’re still not satisfied with how they’ve ended up. Help is here Overthinkers, take a look at the list below so you too… continue reading »

Brag about your failures

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Well if you’re not bragging about your failures, maybe you should be… Failures are not just lessons to you but can be lessons of inspiration to thousands of others who have failed just like you. It’s a beacon of hope that there is a way back. Sometimes the hardest thing about failure is to see… continue reading »

9 Beliefs of Truly Successful People

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I am always fascinated by what makes successful people tick. After all, why re-invent the wheel if I can pick up a pointer of two from them. Here’s an article I really enjoyed about the beliefs of winners: 1. Time doesnt fill me. I fill time. Average people allow time to impose its will on… continue reading »

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