How I Was Lied To For A Sale-Genius Strategy Or Corrupt?

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Ever tell a lie to sell something? Well, what if that were your ENTIRE sales and marketing strategy? Let me explain…Just about everybody in the free world knows that I was recently vacationing in sunny Jamaica. Here’s what happened on our way back from the touristic Dunn’s River Falls. Giving Is Receiving Both my husband… continue reading »

6 Ways to Track Your Competitions Marketing Strategy

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I don’t really believe that there are competitors in my industry of consulting. We are all so individualized and so different that we can’t help it. We have NO real competition. Of course, in order to be even more memorable and differentiated, you have to work on your brand (see how to do that here). Here is… continue reading »

Marketing Strategies for the Future

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As a brand marketing coach for small businesses, my number one job is to drag my clients out of the past perception of what marketing was into the future. I’m even writing a book about it called “Gentle Marketing”. It’s all about attraction, gratitude and giving without expecting anything in return. Here are some other… continue reading »

Your Story Is Your Marketing Strategy

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When you’re a small business, you ARE your business. So to market it properly, you need to engage your clients’ hearts and minds with the wonder of who you really are. Here’s a great article about that: Tell your company’s story. Everyone likes to know the story behind the story, especially when there is an… continue reading »

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