5 Hated Sales Email Mistakes


Recently, I’ve been keeping terrible sales emails I get just to turn it into a lesson for my clients. Sales email mistakes are the norm. For some reason, sales reps and marketing departments seem to think that committing the below mistakes are a sure-fire way into the hearts of prospects. They are dead wrong…here’s why… continue reading »

Dead End Sales Meetings Cost $1.4 Trillion Globally


You know that exciting sales meeting you spent months getting? The one where you were supposed to close multiple five or six figures? After all, didn’t you just spend your own dime flying in your whole team for it? Well, the buyer disappeared on you. The sheer numbers of the problem of Dead End Sales Meetings… continue reading »

How Unsuccessful Business Owners View Sales


When I constantly see how a business owner’s view of Sales creates or slows down their success, I want to write about it so that you too can catch yourself if you’re constantly falling into this trap.

Poking my eyes out

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Have you ever wanted to poke your own eyes out during someone’s speech? Last night I attended a professional association meeting where I was asked to stay for the presentation since I’ll be speaking there myself this year. The talk was given by a sales rep for a hardware company. The speaker was a very… continue reading »

Turn Customers Into Your Best Salespeople: 4 Tips

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As a small business coach, I dream of the day when I no longer will have to lift even my pinky finger to market myself because my clients and customers will be doing it for me. Here are some brilliant ways to tap into your best kept sales and marketing weapons–your current fans, according to Bill… continue reading »

Shock yourself—make a decision

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A liability One of the biggest liabilities of a small business owner is his or her inability to make quick and effective decisions.  In large corporations, unless you’re top management, this is less of a problem because there’s always someone else who’s got more authority than you. So if there’s a decision it’s usually not… continue reading »

10 Dumb Sales Tactics to Avoid

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When you’re a small business owner trying to grow her business like me, you are selling 24/7 to everyone you meet all the time. At least it feels that way sometimes. So here are some really sound tips to avoid: 1. Answering Objections the Customer Hasn’t Surfaced Fix: Never start any sentence with “You may… continue reading »

The Stupefying Simple Way to Pick Your Niche

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  Tough nut to crack Picking a niche has been the bane of every entrepreneur’s existence. If you are a small business owner and recognise that to grow your business, you need to focus your marketing efforts on 1 target market (WHO) and talk to them about only 1 product or service (WHAT), then you… continue reading »

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