Is Your Website Selfish?


That’s right, you heard me. I just asked an absurd question. Is your website all about you–your products, services, staff, offices etc? In other words, is it selfish? Here’s how to know and why that’s bad. The Me Me Me Website Most small businesses I meet think that their websites should be a product information sheet. After… continue reading »

Your Website Should Be A Love Letter

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As a small biz marketing coach, I sure do write and think about love a lot, don’t I? Well, that’s just me. Now what about you? Are you looking at your biggest and in most cases first point of contact between your potential clients and yourself, ie. your website with love in mind? If not,… continue reading »

Where Is Your Website Focus: You or Your Prospect?

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I dare you to go look at any website, especially if it’s a service based professional’s website and they’ll be talking about themselves. Don’t worry, this self-obsessed communication isn’t only on websites but can also be found in networking meetings, parties or even during actual business pitches! Like the time when I was a client and… continue reading »

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