Do Customers Love You? 5 Questions to Ask

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Your customers may ‘like’ your Facebook page but do they actually LOVE you? That’s such an overused word but I don’t mind. I use it for everything because like any consumer, I’m passionate about the products and services I spend my life with. How about you? Answer these questions to see if your customers are… continue reading »

Marketing Strategies for the Future

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As a brand marketing coach for small businesses, my number one job is to drag my clients out of the past perception of what marketing was into the future. I’m even writing a book about it called “Gentle Marketing”. It’s all about attraction, gratitude and giving without expecting anything in return. Here are some other… continue reading »

Turn Customers Into Your Best Salespeople: 4 Tips

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As a small business coach, I dream of the day when I no longer will have to lift even my pinky finger to market myself because my clients and customers will be doing it for me. Here are some brilliant ways to tap into your best kept sales and marketing weapons–your current fans, according to Bill… continue reading »

How to Build Customer Loyalty in 2013

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Isn’t it the ultimate goal of every small business owner to make customers become slaves to their fashion. To have their clients tatoo their names? To become lifelong raving fans? Yes yes and yes. I really loved this very simple and short and kinda funny article about how to make that very thing happen. 1. Be more than… continue reading »

No. 1 Marketing Mistake You're Making

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Bet you didn’t even know that when you’re measuring your success by the number of likes and follows and clickthroughs, that you may only be achieving short term success. The following article claims that the number one mistake small business owners are making is to stop developing meaningful and emotional relationships. See what else they say… continue reading »

5 Ways to Set a New Company Up for Success

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It was only last August one year ago that I left my big corporate job to become an entrepreneur. I really could’ve used this advice back then and actually did implement some of these suggestions to success. If you’re a small business owner who wants to grow, see if any of the below can help… continue reading »

4 Creative Ways to Grow Your Business Using the Web

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I absolutely loved this article about creative ways to grow your business. I didn’t know about half of these ways! Check them out below: Sign up to be a pick-up zone for Amazon. While traveling recently,  I was surprised to find Amazon had an option to select a local business where I could choose to… continue reading »

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