3 Wrong Ways To Pick Your Niche


I’ve recently had the pleasure of exploring working with a prospect who was in need of a niche to differentiate his new consulting business. The prospect was a strategic thinking former CEO of several successful startups that he’d built to 7-figures. He had done the right thing and hired an expert to help him figure… continue reading »

Super-Niching a Giant


I’ve been asked to do a training for giant sized B2B companies that have close to a Billion Dollars in revenue about helping their sales grow. Of course, the only thing I’m always talking about over and over, year after year is the whole concept of super-niching. But does it apply to giant corporations? How… continue reading »

How Having a Niche Can Save You In a Recession


What does having a really clearly defined narrow niche in both what industry you target and what specialty you offer have to do with thriving in a recession? The short and surprising (not to me) answer is EVERYTHING.Here’s why: Price Cutting When a business is hit with lower sales and the awful fear of ever… continue reading »

When Your Beliefs Box You Into A Niche


Beliefs are thoughts you keep thinking every day. That doesn’t sound like a bad thing that can ‘box’ you into anything now does it? Unfortunately beliefs are THE ONLY thing that keep us from bigger success and living our true potential. In the last week alone, I had two occasions to observe this phenomenon where… continue reading »

The Absolute Fastest Way To Find WHERE Your Ideal Clients Hang Out (VIDEO)

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Hi, this is Chala Dincoy from Coachtactics.com your no-nonsense marketing coach who gives your small business a booster shot in the arm. In this video, I’m going to address THE most asked question I get when I meet small businesses—WHERE do I find my ideal clients? If this question has plagued you as a small… continue reading »

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