3 Signs I Know You're Too Scared To Grow Your Business

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After years of working on myself, I am fortunate to be in the place where I’m actually uncomfortable being comfortable. If I have lots of money in the bank, I go and spend it on a wildly scary new way to grow my business.  So I’m scared ALL the time. I want growth constantly. I… continue reading »

10 Terrible Excuses Not To Market Your Small Business

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As a small biz marketing guru, I’ve heard them all. They have one thing in common: They are all excuses that are holding you back from your dreams. They are false beliefs you picked up somewhere from your family, your culture, the media, a bad experience..you name it. I can go on. Here are the… continue reading »

The Absolute Fastest Way To Find WHERE Your Ideal Clients Hang Out (VIDEO)

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Hi, this is Chala Dincoy from Coachtactics.com your no-nonsense marketing coach who gives your small business a booster shot in the arm. In this video, I’m going to address THE most asked question I get when I meet small businesses—WHERE do I find my ideal clients? If this question has plagued you as a small… continue reading »

Still Bragging About Yesterday? Then You Haven't Done Much Today

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Pinballl Clemons I met and fell in love with a man called Pinball Clemons last week. Not to worry, my husband was already in love with him. I, on the other hand had never met him. CFL Hall of Famer, Vice Chair of the Toronto Argonauts, Michael Clemons was a name I’d often heard in the… continue reading »

5 Signs That Your Clients Are Just Not That Into You

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Having experienced an unfortunate love life until the ripe age of 37 when I met my Andy, I thought the book “He’s Just Not That Into You” was written about me. It was all about stories of guys and gals who did 2 am booty calls, who refused to introduce you to his friends, who didn’t… continue reading »

7 Things Really Amazing Communicators Do

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When your small business success depends on your ability to communicate, you’d better care about what amazing communicators are doing so that you can copy them. Here are 7 cues about what the heck they’re doing in an article in Inc. Magazine by Kevin Daum. 1. They Connect People say that, when Bill Clinton talks with you,… continue reading »

Dress Up Your Biz as These Hot Headlines For Halloween

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You thought Halloween was just for kids and drinking parties. Entrepreneurs take note, your business can take a cue and ‘dress up’ by being inspired by these recent events for the occasion. Here’s a truly silly look at how to take advantage of this scaaary holiday for your small business. The US Government Shuts Down… continue reading »

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