When They’re Interested But Won’t Buy


One of my favourite former clients called me and her partners to a meeting to get my opinion this week. They had a hot new product related to covid safety on their hands and were dying to close the many leads in the pipelines. But the political climate was proving too difficult to allow them… continue reading »

A Buyer's Rant


A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of speaking at a Procurement Conference. This is where small businesses are paired up in various forms of meetings with large corporate buyers. My topic was called “Twinning Your Competition: Why 86% of Buyers Can’t See the Difference”. After my talk, a very distinguished gentleman came up… continue reading »

Can't Reach That Buyer?


  I often hear the complaint from businesses that they just can’t reach that hard-to-reach buyer. Having purchased services for giant brands for the past 20 years, I thought I’d share the advice I share with my clients around this very painful subject. What Are You Doing If you keep trying the same ways to… continue reading »

The New Rules for Marketing

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I am old. These eyes have seen many marketing campaigns in many boardrooms over the years. One thing that doesn’t change about marketing is that it’s based on human emotions and responses. However, a lot else has changed about the world of marketing and how to effectively get your message out to your customers. Here… continue reading »

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