Be Contrary: DON'T Ask For The Sale

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At the start of my coaching career 10 years ago, I had paid a slew of biz dev folks to teach me how to get clients. They agreed on one thing: You can’t get a sale unless you ask for it. I always found this really difficult, coming from an immigrant background where I was… continue reading »

Shocking New Data: 42% Of Startups Fail Due To Lack Of Market Need

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How’s this for a doozy? A new study from a research firm called CB Insights¬†revealed that almost HALF of the 125 startups they looked at died 20 months after starting. The main reason for their knockout was because there was NO need for the product or service they sold. Why Is This Happening All day,… continue reading »

5 Ways I Get Over Rejection

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Anyone who sells anything knows the sting of rejection in business. As a business growth coach, I have certainly never been immune to it. Here are some Jedi mind tricks I use to stay on top of my game while being rejected. 1. Hire Help To Get Better When I wanted to increase my close… continue reading »

5 Things I Learned About Business While Shark Diving

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Yes, I was crazy enough to go shark diving. Not in those cages either. I actually jumped into a water infested with fins. It was unnerving to say the least but there were lots of other divers already in the water so it seemed harmless. As in everything I do in my life, everything comes… continue reading »

How Joan Rivers Can Help Your Biz

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The late great comedian Joan Rivers once said “I succeeded by saying what everyone else is thinking.”¬† As a small business growth coach, I have to ask…what if you could succeed by saying what everyone else is thinking about your industry and your clients? What You Can Learn From Joan If you were to dare… continue reading »

Are You Credentialed to Death and Starving?

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This blog’s been inside me for a long time. I myself was on my way to being credentialed up the wazoo and still had no clients. If this is you, then maybe you’ll be able to make the change you need. That’s all I ever hope for when I write these things. I Don’t Know… continue reading »

When My Client Said She Didn't Like Me

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What would you do if a client told you she disliked you? What if it was a client you liked and respected as someone smart and successful in her business? Well, that’s what I found out, when I asked the same client for a referral. Here’s the unedited version of the email that the new… continue reading »

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