Your AMAZING photos

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Come on, fess up–did this email headline get your interest? Well, hopefully if you’re reading this it did. I’m also guessing that you’re a fairly busy person, drowning in emails. In the sea of emails, you might be asking yourself “what cuts the mustard with emails that get opened versus those that hit the trashcan… continue reading »

The Best Marketing Advice You're Forgetting to Follow

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I loved this article in the Entrepreneur Magazine by Colleen DeBaise about good marketing advice that we’ve just plumb forgotten! I am constantly remembering really basic things I knew to succeed in my marketing. For example, sometimes I get too busy to look at who’s following me now on social media. Other times, I leave… continue reading »

Are you being too clever for your customer?

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A good friend bravely took the plunge into entrepreneurship after over a decade spent working for “The Man”. The first thing she did like any business owner was not to get a business strategy or to make a marketing plan. She went and got a graphic designer to design her brand, spanking-new company logo. That’s… continue reading »

Are You A Marketing Slouch?

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If you’re not exactly doing cartwheels about how much your business has been growing then you might be interested in taking this test to see if you’re a dreaded Marketing Slouch or a happy Marketing Superstar. Chances are, if you’re not happy then you can stand to make a few changes in your biz. I’m here… continue reading »

The New Rules for Marketing

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I am old. These eyes have seen many marketing campaigns in many boardrooms over the years. One thing that doesn’t change about marketing is that it’s based on human emotions and responses. However, a lot else has changed about the world of marketing and how to effectively get your message out to your customers. Here… continue reading »

Co-Marketing: Twice as Nice or Double the Trouble?

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I love weddings and the concept of partnership. One is the loneliest number, after all. So just like real life marriages, how come some brand partnerships go bad? Here’s a great article about just that: Danger arises, though, when partners have very different products, client lists, marketing approaches or reputations. To protect your business, put… continue reading »

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