Why You Can't Take Volvo's Terrifying Niching Risk


I almost got teary eyed when I read the news that Volvo was going all electric by 2019, phasing completely out of gas powered cars by 2024. Why? because one of the largest car companies in the world is risking everything they built in 90 years to buckle down further into their niche of being… continue reading »

When Shopping For a Shrink Bit Me In The Butt


My darling hubby and I are determined to become better parents. So we attended a full weekend Parenting Boot camp with a famed child psychologist. We tried everything she taught us in class with our 6-year-old at home and it didn’t work. We quickly decided we needed more help. The Help When we asked if… continue reading »

The Absolute Fastest Way To Find WHERE Your Ideal Clients Hang Out (VIDEO)

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Hi, this is Chala Dincoy from Coachtactics.com your no-nonsense marketing coach who gives your small business a booster shot in the arm. In this video, I’m going to address THE most asked question I get when I meet small businesses—WHERE do I find my ideal clients? If this question has plagued you as a small… continue reading »

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