100 Days Of Rejection Therapy

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All day, everyday I teach small business owners to stop being afraid of something. Stop being afraid of calling strangers, of public speaking, of networking, of increasing their prices, of asking for coffee dates and of course, the big one, of asking for the sale. When I read this article about a startup entrepreneur named… continue reading »

When Someone In The Audience Ranted On Me

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I was speaking at the SOHO Entrepreneur’s conference this week. The room was packed. I had a tiny speaking time slot I’d begged my way into and the organizers were frantically giving me the ‘you’re out of time’ gestures. At the end of my talk, something unexpected happened. A very angry older woman stood up and waved… continue reading »

Big Presentation? 5 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid

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It’s an unwritten rule that all rock stars, even really ugly ones (no names needed) get a lot of girlfriends simply because they’re rock stars. The same can be said of small business owners who public speak and getting clients.  Any entrepreneur who speaks publicly about the solution they offer is establishing their credibility and attracting… continue reading »

Poking my eyes out

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Have you ever wanted to poke your own eyes out during someone’s speech? Last night I attended a professional association meeting where I was asked to stay for the presentation since I’ll be speaking there myself this year. The talk was given by a sales rep for a hardware company. The speaker was a very… continue reading »

Eyeing an Industry Conference? Here's How to Tackle It

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When I worked for a big corporation, conferences were fun ways to get out of the office, see the competitiors’ new stuff and learn cutting edge new things about my industry. Now that I own my small business, it is a well thought out and long-planned major client acquisition strategy that has to be budgeted and… continue reading »

Brag about your failures

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Well if you’re not bragging about your failures, maybe you should be… Failures are not just lessons to you but can be lessons of inspiration to thousands of others who have failed just like you. It’s a beacon of hope that there is a way back. Sometimes the hardest thing about failure is to see… continue reading »

Doing the hard thing to grow your small business

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Every Monday, I drop off my 2 year old at a nursery play program for speech delayed toddlers (which he is). He screams and cries even before we get there and it is excruciating to take him there and to let him go for 2 hours while I wait outside the door, hearing his cries…. continue reading »

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