Why Can’t I Make More Money?

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I’ve been conference coaching for the past 2 days at a conference with 3000 attendees. This is where I, along with a team of other coaches do one on one coaching in 15 minute segments. Here’s the kicker: the sentiment I heard from most small businesses I spoke to was the fact that they were… continue reading »

Listen To My 'Gentle Marketing' Radio Interview

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Are you a shy marketer? Do you hate in-your-face-marketing? Don’t you think it’s 100% better to have clients be attracted to YOU? I believe so strongly in this topic that I wrote a book on it (coming in May!) Listen to my hilarious radio interview with BizRadio and BizTV host David Wojcik on this topic of marketing on a shoestring… continue reading »

“The Terrified Networker”

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I used to be a terrified networker–afraid of those milling crowds and round table breakfasts.  How could a self confident professional speaker extravert like me be afraid? Here’s my story… My first networking experience scarred me for years. As a brand new coach, a networking seminar I attended taught me how to use a 30… continue reading »

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