How My Heartbreak Helped My Business


I was 40 years old when I was able to finally become a Mom. I had 2 miscarriages before and 2 after Logan. After 9 months spent in terror while pregnant with Logan, he was born, and we were ecstatic. Ecstatic but still scared. Scared about his picky eating, scared about his development and mostly… continue reading »

Shocking New Data: 42% Of Startups Fail Due To Lack Of Market Need

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How’s this for a doozy? A new study from a research firm called CB Insights revealed that almost HALF of the 125 startups they looked at died 20 months after starting. The main reason for their knockout was because there was NO need for the product or service they sold. Why Is This Happening All day,… continue reading »

3 Signs You've Hired The Wrong Marketing Help


Have you ever spent money on your marketing and wondered if you were throwing your money away? As a small business marketing coach, every day I meet small businesses who tell me their woeful tales of hiring some form of help in marketing and being disappointed. Here are 3 hints that you’ve indeed gone and… continue reading »

How My Future Self Helps Me Make More Money


The founder of my favorite brand in the whole wide world, Patagonia (the outdoor active wear company) changed his whole business around when he asked himself one question: What if we’re still around 100 years from now? How would we have to change? After that, a revolution began. The company made it their mission to “Build the best… continue reading »

What Is Your Most Valuable Currency?


I was floored when I watched comedian Jim Carrey do a commencement speech at a spiritual university graduation where apparently they meditate as part of the curriculum! I wasn’t only floored that there’s a university that does (called the Maharashi University) that but that Jim Carrey of all people was doing the speech. And the things… continue reading »

4 Ways To Keep Clients From Hiring You Today


In my 3rd year of business, I keep running into false and limiting beliefs around doing business in the summer time. People, just because the temperature got above freezing after 6 months of shivering doesn’t mean that marketing your business stops. Here are 4 things you should definitely do if you DON’T want clients to… continue reading »

Emotions Make The Decision, Ratinale Makes You Feel Better About It


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5oTZHKsLyU This past week, I went to the International Coach Federation’s conference where neuroscientist Richard Boyatzis was the keynote. Let me say that the man was a fountain of information for anyone working in the human potential industry (like myself). Here are some of the pearls he dropped. Straight from his lips to your eyes via… continue reading »

What I'm Addicted To


Did watching this video make you feel good inside? Well, apparently you should remember that feeling and think of it at least once everyday if you want to change the thoughts that you’ve become addicted to which might be limiting your success. At least that’s what I learned this weekend where my mind was blown away by… continue reading »

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