Land your dream job

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Brand yourself like a small business When you find yourself swimming in a sea of candidates competing for the same job as you, now you know exactly what it feels like to be a small business that’s trying to grow. Why brand? Used by ancient Egyptians 3000 years ago in farms to distinguish one cow… continue reading »

Social Media Plan for Shy People

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You’re not usually a shy person…only when it comes to social media. This huge scary animal is out there and there’s now proof that it helps get clients. You want to dip your toe in the water. Here are a few tips from this article on how to start: Ready… Don’t overwhelm yourself; choose just… continue reading »

The Coach Manager

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Have you ever experienced the wonder of a boss who let you bring value to the table in your own way without interference and yet was always surprisingly there when you needed her support? This manager was in essence, what in the professional coaching world is called a Coach Manager. In May of 2001, a… continue reading »

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