Business Not Growing? Take a Look at Your Calendar

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Busy is the new black. We are almost hilariously competing with each other for how much busier we are compared to the next gal. Last time I looked though, busy certainly didn’t translate into leads or sales. As a small business marketing coach, I gave this idea some thought and here are some key things… continue reading »

The Beatles were right – you can’t buy love

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A lot of small businesses are pouring dollars into campaigns to win the hearts, minds and wallets of their clients. I’m here to make a bold statement (as I am known to make) that often, they are wasting their money. You Can’t Make People Love You            In high school, I always wanted to be friends… continue reading »

5 Signs That You Are Living In The Dark Ages

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I’ve been having lots of short phone chats with people I meet while networking, on social media or with people who’ve been e-introduced to me. In some cases, I have to really shake my head at the mindset that greets me. Here are some hints that you might also be living in the dark ages…… continue reading »

Building Your Brand on Twitter

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As a brand marketing coach, I am always interested in learning new ways to use my brand to enhance my presence on any client touch point. One such touch point is Twitter. Are you doing these things (some of them are admittedly no-brainers) to enhance and build your brand on this marketing vehicle? 1. Use your… continue reading »

Project a Successful Image: 7 Ways

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In my world of marketing my own business, image is everything. It is the packaging to your product. It is the first impression and sometimes only impression someone will have of your business. Projecting a successful one takes some planning. Check out these tips below: 1. Look Good for Any Occasion Always dress one notch… continue reading »

3 Things You Wish People Would Say While Networking

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As a small business growth coach, I find myself at networking meetings 2-3 times a week. These are some of the things I wish for in my head for someone to sometimes say… 1. Excuse me, you have something black in your teeth This one killed me as I got into my car one night… continue reading »

Why Shorter Is Sweeter (& Always More Efficient)

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I’m only 5’3″ so naturally I would subscribe to the notion that shorter is sweeter but even as a small business coach I think this idea is key to good communication. A client sent a sell sheet she’d made for a new program she was offering. It was pages and pages long. I kept scrolling… continue reading »

7 Steps to Become an Authority in Your Industry

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As a small business marketing coach, I’ve been beating the drum of focused niching for as long as I can remember. Picking just one group of people to serve and to talk to them about only one thing I do, for most people is really really hard. The major reason why you should be talking to… continue reading »

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