5 Tips to Help Your Marketing Messages Sing

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Marketing– that often feared and sometimes hated dirty word. It really only means getting in front of people who need your help desperately and telling them that you can help them. How do you do it effectively, here’s an article with some very valid points: 1. Clarify thoughts.  Can you describe your product or service… continue reading »

Uh-Oh: Do People Think You're a Bully?

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I’ll never forget the heartbreak and shock of when I first started my work life and a colleague called me ‘pushy’. Since then, I’ve always kept a keen eye on what I’m doing and saying to avoid being perceived as such a vile thing. This article resounded with me because what if some of us… continue reading »

Business Burnout

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When you’re the only crew on your ship, it’s tough to take our hands off the rudder. So you keep saying to yourself… But many business owners don’t allow themselves the luxury of a day off here and there, and certainly not a vacation. This can lead to Business Burnout, and that’s not pretty. Business… continue reading »

Communicate or Dictate?

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When terrorist planes hit the twin towers on September 11, one man gained international attention and acclaim for his leadership. Struggling at a 36% in approval ratings for his rigid, dictatorial style of management, Rudy Giuliani was losing popularity fast prior to 9/11. Reacting in his typical control and command style of leadership during what… continue reading »

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