When Someone In The Audience Ranted On Me

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I was speaking at the SOHO Entrepreneur’s conference this week. The room was packed. I had a tiny speaking time slot I’d begged my way into and the organizers were frantically giving me the ‘you’re out of time’ gestures. At the end of my talk, something unexpected happened. A very angry older woman stood up and waved… continue reading »

Listen To My 'Gentle Marketing' Radio Interview

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Are you a shy marketer? Do you hate in-your-face-marketing? Don’t you think it’s 100% better to have clients be attracted to YOU? I believe so strongly in this topic that I wrote a book on it (coming in May!) Listen to my hilarious radio interview with BizRadio and BizTV host David Wojcik on this topic of marketing on a shoestring… continue reading »

Building Your Brand on Twitter

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As a brand marketing coach, I am always interested in learning new ways to use my brand to enhance my presence on any client touch point. One such touch point is Twitter. Are you doing these things (some of them are admittedly no-brainers) to enhance and build your brand on this marketing vehicle? 1. Use your… continue reading »

3 Things You Wish People Would Say While Networking

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As a small business growth coach, I find myself at networking meetings 2-3 times a week. These are some of the things I wish for in my head for someone to sometimes say… 1. Excuse me, you have something black in your teeth This one killed me as I got into my car one night… continue reading »

Why Shorter Is Sweeter (& Always More Efficient)

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I’m only 5’3″ so naturally I would subscribe to the notion that shorter is sweeter but even as a small business coach I think this idea is key to good communication. A client sent a sell sheet she’d made for a new program she was offering. It was pages and pages long. I kept scrolling… continue reading »

The Power of a Single Compliment

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Unbelievable but true, if you pay even just one compliment to someone you work with, it might improve their performance. Read about this fascinating study below: In a recent study conducted by Japanese scientists, researchers found that people tend to perform a task better after receiving just a single compliment. In the study, 48 adults… continue reading »

Uncomfortable Marketing?

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If you feel sleazy and dirty when you think about marketing yourself, listen to this interview I did with Money Coach Flo Grunfelder about how to get over the discomfort of marketing and to joyfully connect with great paying clients. http://soundcloud.com/coachtactics/chat-with-flo-interview-with Most businesses fall into their marketing, no planning, no communication strategy. The secret is to… continue reading »

5 Ways Social Media Can Ruin Your Reputation

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As a relative social media newbie who helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses, I am really worried about doing the wrong things online. The other day, a friend had to explain that #FF on a tweet meant that they were praising your work. Who knew! So if you’re like me and you want to understand how… continue reading »

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