Where Is Your Website Focus: You or Your Prospect?

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I dare you to go look at any website, especially if it’s a service based professional’s website and they’ll be talking about themselves. Don’t worry, this self-obsessed communication isn’t only on websites but can also be found in networking meetings, parties or even during actual business pitches! Like the time when I was a client and… continue reading »

7 Things Your Customers Want Most

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It’s hard to part a consumer from their dollar these days. In truth, it always was. The new consumer is savvy and has the power of the internet as a research tool to dig into your industry, your competitors and to get the skinny on you. At the end of it all though, once they’ve bitten… continue reading »

How Original Are You?

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What’s different about you? As a small business owner, you are the heart of that business. Your personality is the business’ personality.  Your unique quirks and special attributes makes you stand out from all other humans whether you want it to or not. The real question is whether you strategically capitalize on this uniqueness in… continue reading »

Etiquette Out-performs Sales Techniques

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Who knew manners mattered more than any other sales technique known to man or woman kind? Read on to this story which illustrates something that is so common nowadays that I’d like all those reading the article to take a second look at how their manners are treating those around them: “Mary” excels as a business development consultant…. continue reading »

How Customers Decide to Buy

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As you give it your all and make your pitch to your customer, your customer is also busy thinking about a couple of things. These are: 1. Do I want to do business with this person? Who is this person, really? Do I trust him? Do I like her? 2. Do I want to do… continue reading »

5 Things to Un-Learn From School

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Remember killing yourself to do well in school? Well I don’t know about you but I did. My parents told us school was important. As a small business, this article makes some very good points about forgetting all that you learned in school! 1. If you only do what you’re told, you’ll excel. To be… continue reading »

Turn Criticism Into Money

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It hurts to hear bad stuff about ourselves. Did you ever think hearing it from client could actually make you money though? I am in full agreement with the author of the article below. Before, I was one of those cats who would throw the baby out with the bath water, and dismiss criticism when… continue reading »

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