Are You An Askhole?

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I loved this title and article by Erika Napoletano  in Entrepreneur Magazine because these 3 things happen to me regularly and I myself was guilty of them at one point or another. Take a read to see if you’re also an Askhole (someone who asks inappropriate things of your business networks) Can I buy you a… continue reading »

Your Website Should Be A Love Letter

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As a small biz marketing coach, I sure do write and think about love a lot, don’t I? Well, that’s just me. Now what about you? Are you looking at your biggest and in most cases first point of contact between your potential clients and yourself, ie. your website with love in mind? If not,… continue reading »

Etiquette Out-performs Sales Techniques

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Who knew manners mattered more than any other sales technique known to man or woman kind? Read on to this story which illustrates something that is so common nowadays that I’d like all those reading the article to take a second look at how their manners are treating those around them: “Mary” excels as a business development consultant…. continue reading »

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