Polish My Pitch Podcast episode thirty seven with Jade Alberts

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This was the interview of the 1000 questions. Jade started with a very succinct and short elevator pitch. He talked about having purpose before profit and providing honest feedback that accelerated a company’s growth. Being a big fan of brevity like Jade myself, I actually loved the fact that his pitch was short. But I… continue reading »

Polish My Pitch Podcast episode thirty six with Nancy Griffin, CEO Network Chairman

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A great old friend, Nancy was just starting her latest venture as a TEC (a CEO peer mastermind) Chair. In her excitement, she went a little too long on her elevator pitch and had to be stopped. Then when she redid her pitch, she used an acronym to explain what she did. Using acronyms in… continue reading »

Polish My Pitch Podcast episode thirty five with Mani Anand

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The fortunate thing for Mani was that she sold a service for a very specific and well-known CRM software, called Salesforce. The advantage that she had was that at least if she was doing her elevator pitch to a prospect, they knew what Salesforce was. The problem started when Mani was unable to concisely talk… continue reading »

Polish My Pitch Podcast episode thirty four with Teri Beckman, CEO of HIGOL

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Teri’s pitch was a very simple and short one to begin with. Then it got rough. But I thank Teri for being a gracious and open-minded guest. The problem with the pitch was that I didn’t understand what exactly Teri did for a living. Was she a consultant, a financial expert, or maybe even an… continue reading »

Polish My Pitch Podcast episode thirty three with Amy Vodarek, Coach

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Amy’s session was a great one for demonstrating multiple issues that business owners face when they’re doing their Elevator Pitches. The first part we started focusing down on was who Amy’s target market needed to be. She actually said “I stay out of industry” as a conscious choice but what I convinced her of was… continue reading »

Polish My Pitch Podcast episode thirty two with Joni Lien, Owner of Food Prep Chain

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A 15-year business and hence Elevator Pitch veteran, Joni started talking about how she loved eating but hated cooking and that she created her company to make it as easy as possible. She also admitted that throwing in too many features into her pitch had hurt her messaging in the past and had confused people…. continue reading »

Polish My Pitch Podcast episode thirty one with Sandra Folk, Business Communication Expert

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Sandra introduced herself as a business communications coach. In her pitch, she told me that she helped highly trained leaders in various industries who had trouble communicating with precision and clarity. I liked Sandra’s use of pain and her call to action in her pitch, but it was far from where I wanted it to… continue reading »

Polish My Pitch Podcast episode thirty with Tim James, Health Coach

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Like many of the health coaches I’ve had on the show, Tim began his pitch by talking about his story. There is nothing inherently wrong with starting your elevator pitch that way except people truly are more interested in themselves than in anyone else, no matter how compelling the story. The other thing specific to… continue reading »

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