Deep Dive with Lynn Whitbeck

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On this episode of Polish my Pitch Deep Dive, we welcome Lynn Whitbeck and chat about her businesses Petite2Queen and Future Forward Sales. Listen and learn how Lynn’s businesses help B2B heavy machinery manufacturers. We chat about why these companies are losing small to medium sales leads and how Lynn’s systems, training and processes help… continue reading »

Polish My Pitch Podcast episode sixty with Lynn Whitbeck

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Joining me on today’s episode of Polish My Pitch is Lynn Whitbeck, CEO & Founder of Petite2Queen and Future Forward Sales, who help B2B companies move leads into a connection and close the sale in an optimized time frame. Chala polished Lynn’s pitch by asking which industry she would like to niche in or target…. continue reading »

Deep Dive with Charles Givre

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Today on Polish my Pitch Deep Dive I chat with Charles Givre about his business DataDistillr. Charles talks about how his business helps his target market. He shares his background as a data scientist in the banking industry, where he saw large corporations struggling with the same problem which inspired him to found his business…. continue reading »

Polish My Pitch Podcast episode fifty nine with Charles Givre

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On this episode of Polish My Pitch, we welcome Charles Givre, CEO of DataDistillr whose business goal is to, “…make data easy to query and use.” Chala loves the simplicity of Charles’s pitch. She askes, “…if he could dream of doubling his business in one industry what would it be?” Chala helps Charles to drill… continue reading »

Deep Dive with Peter Kozodoy, Partner & Chief Strategy Officer

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Today on Deep Dive I welcome Peter Kozodoy, Partner & Chief Strategy Officer of GEM and author of Let’s Be Honest. As a serial entrepreneur, Peter now helps entrepreneurs remove self limiting beliefs and get in honest alignment. Peter explains the role honesty plays in organizational culture, and how the teachings in his book helps… continue reading »

Deep Dive with Ann Sieg, CEO

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Join me in welcoming Ann Sieg, CEO of E-Commerce Business School to this episode of Deep Dive. Seven years ago, Ann shifted from working with sales funnels and generating leads, to e-commerce. Today, her business helps teach people a system for successfully selling products on Amazon. Ann shares an interesting case study of a client… continue reading »

Deep Dive with Chris Dayley

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Today on Deep Dive I chat with Chris Dayley about his business, Smart CRO which helps businesses improve their conversion rates by 30%. Chris tells us the story of how he got into the industry, starting with search engine optimization (SEO), and how that led him to start his conversion business. You won’t want to… continue reading »

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