Welcome to the Polish My Pitch Podcast. I’m Chala Dincoy and after being pitched endlessly by vendors for 20 years while I worked for giant companies like Pepsi, Pizza Hut and Frito Lay, I learned a thing or two. Now I teach businesses how to pitch and I’m on a mission to change the world, one elevator pitch at a time.

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Marketing Mistake 14: Not Speaking Targets’ Language

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Corey Axelrod Join me in welcoming Corey Axelrod, Founder and CEO of 2axend, a deaf-owned strategic consulting firm to today’s episode of the Naked Marketing podcast where we get honest and raw about marketing regrets. Corey works with a variety of industries, including healthcare, education, manufacturing and more. He helps businesses… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 13: Not Building List and a List Strategy Aggressively

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Steve Anderson On today’s episode of the Naked Marketing podcast, I’m joined by Steve Anderson who spent 25 years working in the insurance industry helping insurance agents and brokers with technology. Steve became aware that, “…the biggest mistake businesses make is not taking enough risks,” which led him on a very… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 12: Saying Yes to Every Coaching Program

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Paul Moehring Join me in welcoming Paul Moehring a business coach, author and speaker to the Naked Marketing podcast where we talk about honest mistakes people make in marketing. Paul tells us how he started his career in the insurance industry where he discovered that he most enjoyed the coaching aspects… continue reading »

Deep Dive with Peter Kozodoy, Partner & Chief Strategy Officer

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Today on Deep Dive I welcome Peter Kozodoy, Partner & Chief Strategy Officer of GEM and author of Let’s Be Honest. As a serial entrepreneur, Peter now helps entrepreneurs remove self limiting beliefs and get in honest alignment. Peter explains the role honesty plays in organizational culture, and how the teachings in his book helps… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 11: Lack of Consistency

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Aaron Walker Welcome to The Naked Marketing podcast, where we get real about marketing mistakes. Today, I’m joined by Aaron Walker, Life and Business Coach, and President and Founder of View From the Top, Aaron is also an ISI Mastermind and Creator of ‘The Mastermind Playbook’. Aaron currently has 20 Masterminds… continue reading »

Deep Dive with Ann Sieg, CEO

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Join me in welcoming Ann Sieg, CEO of E-Commerce Business School to this episode of Deep Dive. Seven years ago, Ann shifted from working with sales funnels and generating leads, to e-commerce. Today, her business helps teach people a system for successfully selling products on Amazon. Ann shares an interesting case study of a client… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 10: Gave People What They Said They Wanted

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Art Bell On today’s episode of the Naked Marketing podcast, I’m joined by Art Bell, a writer with 35 years of cable television experience. Art started his career as an economist and financial analyst and later transitioned to founding the Comedy Central television network for HBO. Hear how he pitched Comedy… continue reading »

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