Welcome to the Polish My Pitch Podcast. I’m Chala Dincoy and after being pitched endlessly by vendors for 20 years while I worked for giant companies like Pepsi, Pizza Hut and Frito Lay, I learned a thing or two. Now I teach businesses how to pitch and I’m on a mission to change the world, one elevator pitch at a time.

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Polish My Pitch Podcast episode forty with Alicia Couri, CEO

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In today’s episode, I got to polish the elevator pitch of the amazing Alicia Couri. I loved that she was very clear on who she served. She was already beautifully polished in her delivery of her pitch, so we focused on narrowing down the content. A key to an elevator pitch is speaking directly to… continue reading »

Deep Dive with Vibha Sharm, Holistic Spiritual Business Coach

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Join me today as we welcome Vibha Sharma. Vibha guides high achieving professional women in different fields, CEOs and C-level Executive women into their holistic journey of self-discovery and Conscious living, helps them rise above the mental chaos, unrest, and noise to a natural state of calm, clarity and well being and live a balanced,… continue reading »

Polish My Pitch Podcast episode thirty nine with Vibha Sharma

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In today’s episode, I had the absolute pleasure of polishing Vibha Sharma’s elevator pitch.   There is a key difference in speaking directly to your target vs speaking to the masses.  Today we learn how to narrow it down, make it short, to the point and why you must do this. Statistically, the longer it takes to… continue reading »

Deep Dive with Mitch Russo, Business Development Coach

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Join me today as we welcome Mitch Russo.  Mitch works one on one with the founder of a company to create selling systems that are unconventional: certified coach/consultant programs, virtual sales teams, and associations. In the process, he usually discovers several new recurring revenue opportunities as a natural outgrowth of his work. Watch as we… continue reading »

Polish My Pitch Podcast episode thirty eight with Mitch Russo

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Polishing a pro like Mitch’s pitch was possibly the easiest and quickest episode of Polish My Pitch to date. Mitch stated the pain and who his target prospect is right off the bat. In fact, the pain of the loss of livelihood for an entire industry of professional spears is extremely timely due to a… continue reading »

Polish My Pitch Podcast episode thirty seven with Jade Alberts

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This was the interview of the 1000 questions. Jade started with a very succinct and short elevator pitch. He talked about having purpose before profit and providing honest feedback that accelerated a company’s growth. Being a big fan of brevity like Jade myself, I actually loved the fact that his pitch was short. But I… continue reading »

Polish My Pitch Podcast episode thirty six with Nancy Griffin, CEO Network Chairman

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A great old friend, Nancy was just starting her latest venture as a TEC (a CEO peer mastermind) Chair. In her excitement, she went a little too long on her elevator pitch and had to be stopped. Then when she redid her pitch, she used an acronym to explain what she did. Using acronyms in… continue reading »

Polish My Pitch Podcast episode thirty five with Mani Anand

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The fortunate thing for Mani was that she sold a service for a very specific and well-known CRM software, called Salesforce. The advantage that she had was that at least if she was doing her elevator pitch to a prospect, they knew what Salesforce was. The problem started when Mani was unable to concisely talk… continue reading »

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