Listen To My 'Gentle Marketing' Radio Interview

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Are you a shy marketer? Do you hate in-your-face-marketing? Don’t you think it’s 100% better to have clients be attracted to YOU? I believe so strongly in this topic that I wrote a book on it (coming in May!) Listen to my hilarious radio interview with BizRadio and BizTV host David Wojcik on this topic of marketing on a shoestring… continue reading »

The Power of a Single Compliment

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Unbelievable but true, if you pay even just one compliment to someone you work with, it might improve their performance. Read about this fascinating study below: In a recent study conducted by Japanese scientists, researchers found that people tend to perform a task better after receiving just a single compliment. In the study, 48 adults… continue reading »

Where Is Your Website Focus: You or Your Prospect?

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I dare you to go look at any website, especially if it’s a service based professional’s website and they’ll be talking about themselves. Don’t worry, this self-obsessed communication isn’t only on websites but can also be found in networking meetings, parties or even during actual business pitches! Like the time when I was a client and… continue reading »

7 Things Your Customers Want Most

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It’s hard to part a consumer from their dollar these days. In truth, it always was. The new consumer is savvy and has the power of the internet as a research tool to dig into your industry, your competitors and to get the skinny on you. At the end of it all though, once they’ve bitten… continue reading »

Turn Criticism Into Money

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It hurts to hear bad stuff about ourselves. Did you ever think hearing it from client could actually make you money though? I am in full agreement with the author of the article below. Before, I was one of those cats who would throw the baby out with the bath water, and dismiss criticism when… continue reading »

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