Make Google Loove (not a typo) You


How do you get into fickle Google’s black heart (for those of you who have a love-hate relationship with Google, that is!)? How do you become a favourite searched business owner or business? Well, it all starts and ends with one thing: Becoming a Topic Expert. Voice Search One of the biggest trends in search… continue reading »

Does this make me a tease? You be the judge!

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A question I often get from clients is “how do I avoid giving away the whole secret of what I do in my blogs or videos?” It’s really a critical question because who’s going to buy the cow if you already gave them the milk? (a gross thought really, who wants a cow? I’ve always… continue reading »

Would Anyone Care If You Disappeared?

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Sometimes when I was in a snit about an argument I had with my family, I’d slink into a corner and fantasize about just running away (not to the circus but you get the idea). I wondered if anyone would care if I disappeared and how long it would take for them to notice. Of… continue reading »

7 Traits of a Great Business Blog

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If I had a dollar for every client who was afraid to blog, I’d never need another client again. As a small biz marketing coach, I know that the most authentic way to help our clients is to give them down to earth, real advice that sounds just like they’re sitting across the table from… continue reading »

Too scared to lose your (video) virginity?

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If you know that YouTube is now the #2 search engine after Google and feel guilty of still not having made your own video, you need help to lose your video virginity and I’m here to help! Video’s the way I don’t need to convince (I hope) that you need to put your mug on… continue reading »

How to Get Anyone's Attention

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As a straight talking Marketing Coach for Small Biz, what I do all day everyday is to help my clients get their clients’ attention. It is the most primitive and basic definition of marketing. Here are some really cool tips on how to do exactly that: 1.  Get to Know Me Treat me as though… continue reading »

5 Ways Social Media Can Ruin Your Reputation

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As a relative social media newbie who helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses, I am really worried about doing the wrong things online. The other day, a friend had to explain that #FF on a tweet meant that they were praising your work. Who knew! So if you’re like me and you want to understand how… continue reading »

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