Polish My Pitch Podcast episode ten with Kate Unger, Image Coach

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Kate’s initial elevator pitch had a lot of elements of what we needed but like everyone else, I couldn’t resist niching her down and getting her to talk more about a specific pain. Certainly, Kate could help any number of people who counted on their appearance for a living but how would she network with… continue reading »

Polish My Pitch Podcast episode nine with Rochelle Sandy, Wealth Advisor

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Rochelle started off talking about an age group as a target and a generic pain point that she helps them with. The first problem is that people don’t gather by their age. I recently went to an ABBA/Queen Video Halloween party and the number of 20-year-olds singing “I Do I Do I Do” seriously raised… continue reading »

Polish My Pitch Podcast episode eight with Penny Redmond, Marketing Consultant

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polish my pitch podcast episode eight

A dear friend who has had me as a guest on her own podcast, Penny still needed a nudge to niche down into one industry focus and one aspect of digital marketing that she could become an expert in. Through our 5-minute brainstorm, we were able to come up with a really viable and expensive… continue reading »

Radio Interview Transcript: How is your marketing effort these days?


https://soundcloud.com/coachtactics/brc-004-chala-dincoy-gentle-marketing-mixdown 1:04 David: How is your marketing effort these days? Have they gone off the rails do wonder why nobody is calling is the phone really ringing off the hook? Why does all this happen? With us is Chala Dincoy. Chala is the president of Coachtactics and the author of Gentle Marketing a very unique… continue reading »

3 Signs I Know You're Too Scared To Grow Your Business

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After years of working on myself, I am fortunate to be in the place where I’m actually uncomfortable being comfortable. If I have lots of money in the bank, I go and spend it on a wildly scary new way to grow my business.  So I’m scared ALL the time. I want growth constantly. I… continue reading »

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