The Lonely Solopreneur

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Your better half doesn’t want to hear another word about the business and none of your friends really understand what you do for a living. Their advice is often well meaning but grossly misplaced and pretty much useless. There is nowhere to turn, no one to vent to. Does that sound familiar? If you are… continue reading »

Are you falling off the tightrope?

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Work-life balance is the number two concern I run into in everyday conversations I have with managers these days (number one is conflict resolution with someone they manage). The tightrope of walking the fine balance between what needs to be done to sustain the business vs. the self (from eventual decay of health) remains an… continue reading »

The Emotional Office

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A fellow coach who specializes in personal coaching mentioned to me that with her clients, she can always see emotions at play but that with corporate clients, she never could. I had to disagree with her. My whole world is corporate. I work in a corporation, have corporate coaching clients and speak to corporate professionals… continue reading »

“Max, you’ve been saying you’re quitting this job for three years now!”

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Max is the kind of guy who’s capable but not driven at his job. His interests lie elsewhere and sometimes in more places than one. Max complains and thinks he needs to quit this rat race every single day of his life and yet low and behold, even through increasingly less stellar reviews and moderate… continue reading »

Communicate or Dictate?

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When terrorist planes hit the twin towers on September 11, one man gained international attention and acclaim for his leadership. Struggling at a 36% in approval ratings for his rigid, dictatorial style of management, Rudy Giuliani was losing popularity fast prior to 9/11. Reacting in his typical control and command style of leadership during what… continue reading »

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