How to Build Customer Loyalty in 2013

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Isn’t it the ultimate goal of every small business owner to make customers become slaves to their fashion. To have their clients tatoo their names? To become lifelong raving fans? Yes yes and yes. I really loved this very simple and short and kinda funny article about how to make that very thing happen. 1. Be more than… continue reading »

Eyeing an Industry Conference? Here's How to Tackle It

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When I worked for a big corporation, conferences were fun ways to get out of the office, see the competitiors’ new stuff and learn cutting edge new things about my industry. Now that I own my small business, it is a well thought out and long-planned major client acquisition strategy that has to be budgeted and… continue reading »

Get 5 new clients this month

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Full disclosure–while I have gotten 5 clients in a month, I don’t every month. The point is, I know how to. I help my clients do this everyday. Here are a few ways you can do it too. Public Speaking The key to getting blocks of clients  to sign up is to position yourself as… continue reading »

Wow that crowd-how to public speak to get clients

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[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5fhNP_Qb7I&feature=plcp] The snoring audience Has anyone ever fallen asleep during a presentation that took you hours to prepare? Has there ever been an abyss of loneliness at the end of your speech when not a single person comes up to you? Are people gazing off into space a few minutes into your intro? I must… continue reading »

Entrepreneurial Paralysis

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“Excuse me, coming through!” I screamed at the people on the bike path as I unsteadily rolled at a fast clip on my blades. It was an uncommonly busy day at the Beach and I’m not the best rollerblader to say the least.  Low and behold people were strolling on the bike path and not… continue reading »

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