Is Comfort The #1 Enemy Of Your Success?

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Last night, I watched the amazing Ewomen network founder Sandra Yancey speak at our chapter event and when she said that ‘comfort is the #1 enemy of success’, it was as if a shot was fired off in my head. It resounded so much with what I’m feeling all the time as an entrepreneur that it… continue reading »

How a Multi Level Marketer Sold Me in 1 Minute

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Admit it, most people (who don’t sell multilevel marketing-MLM products themselves) shudder in dread when they meet an MLM peddler. Even though I have had clients who WERE multilevel marketers, I have to admit to being one of the shudderers. Until I met Janet from Arbonne. Then everything changed. During her 2 minute networking self-introduction,… continue reading »

Is This Going To Be A Waste Of My Time?

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No, I wasn’t thinking this before a date or anything. However, it is THE question that I ask myself every time I think about signing up for an event, a networking group or a seminar to grow my business. As a marketing coach for small business development, it’s also a question I hear from a lot… continue reading »

Why Can’t I Make More Money?

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I’ve been conference coaching for the past 2 days at a conference with 3000 attendees. This is where I, along with a team of other coaches do one on one coaching in 15 minute segments. Here’s the kicker: the sentiment I heard from most small businesses I spoke to was the fact that they were… continue reading »

The Biggest Mistake I Ever Made

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As a small business marketing coach, I talk about my mistakes all the time since I made so many of them since I want people to learn from them.  This one mistake I’m thinking about was so big that it kept me exhausted and starving in my business! Here it is—ready? I was speaking to… continue reading »

The Beatles were right – you can’t buy love

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A lot of small businesses are pouring dollars into campaigns to win the hearts, minds and wallets of their clients. I’m here to make a bold statement (as I am known to make) that often, they are wasting their money. You Can’t Make People Love You            In high school, I always wanted to be friends… continue reading »

3 Best Ways To Get Shopped On Price

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As a small biz marketing coach, I’ve run into some doozy prospective clients in the past.  At the beginning of my practice, I once had a client who actually haggled with me about the payment date. She devised payment plans that didn’t exist! So I decided to give you some great tips on what to… continue reading »

Are You A Marketing Slouch?

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If you’re not exactly doing cartwheels about how much your business has been growing then you might be interested in taking this test to see if you’re a dreaded Marketing Slouch or a happy Marketing Superstar. Chances are, if you’re not happy then you can stand to make a few changes in your biz. I’m here… continue reading »

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