Are You Letting Your Competitors Decide Your Marketing?

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Nothing in the world gets me as fired up as small businesses doing something to market their business because they’ve seen their competitors doing it. It happens so often that it’s like some deeply buried, embarrassing secret of all entrepreneurs. Why A Copy Cat? The major reason why I see this happening is because small business owners… continue reading »

Is Your Web Presence Getting You More Customers?

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You think you’re a hot shot online? Think again, in Abigail Tracy ‘s Inc Magazine article, study findings show that customers think a lot less of your business than you think they do. Here are the stats: A recent study by Web.com found that small businesses underestimated the opportunity they have to build relationships with customers via the… continue reading »

How to Engage Customers on a Dime

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One of the biggest fears for small businesses around marketing is that it’s expensive. As a no-nonsense marketing coach, I often tell my clients that this just ain’t so. You truly can engage your customers on a dime and Jim Joseph in his article in Entrepreneur Magazine agrees with me. Here are some great cheap or free… continue reading »

Business Not Growing? Take a Look at Your Calendar

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Busy is the new black. We are almost hilariously competing with each other for how much busier we are compared to the next gal. Last time I looked though, busy certainly didn’t translate into leads or sales. As a small business marketing coach, I gave this idea some thought and here are some key things… continue reading »

Are You Jumping In To Your Marketing?

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I was walking down the street at lunch today and saw the sad story of so many failed businesses on my way. Upended barber’s chairs in an abandoned hair salon, dusty stones lined along a chiropractic pain clinic storefront, the local Blockbusters I used to haunt obsessively when I was young and single and DVD… continue reading »

Does this make me a tease? You be the judge!

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A question I often get from clients is “how do I avoid giving away the whole secret of what I do in my blogs or videos?” It’s really a critical question because who’s going to buy the cow if you already gave them the milk? (a gross thought really, who wants a cow? I’ve always… continue reading »

The Best Marketing Advice You're Forgetting to Follow

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I loved this article in the Entrepreneur Magazine by Colleen DeBaise about good marketing advice that we’ve just plumb forgotten! I am constantly remembering really basic things I knew to succeed in my marketing. For example, sometimes I get too busy to look at who’s following me now on social media. Other times, I leave… continue reading »

6 Ways to Track Your Competitions Marketing Strategy

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I don’t really believe that there are competitors in my industry of consulting. We are all so individualized and so different that we can’t help it. We have NO real competition. Of course, in order to be even more memorable and differentiated, you have to work on your brand (see how to do that here). Here is… continue reading »

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