Marketing Mistake 69: Aiming Too Low In Prospect Target

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Beverly Behan Beverly Behan is a wonderful case study on how a niche passion can become a successful business. The former lawyer turned entrepreneur is a well-known name in board consulting and corporate governance in North America. For the last 25 years, she has worked with boards from all types… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 68: Creating Brand Assets Prematurely

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Naked Marketing - Episode 68 - Dr Gena Cox

Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Dr. Gena Cox For Dr. Gena Cox, the biggest marketing mistake she ever made was placing too much emphasis on how well-designed her website was. It was a love-and hate-relationship that eventually became a partnership of tolerance – where Dr. Gena was grateful to have a website but apprehensive that… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 67: Not Leveraging My Network

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Naked Marketing - Episode 67 - Catherine Cantey

Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Catherine Cantey Catherine Cantey is the image of a Southern belle, with an elegance surrounding how she interacts with people and helps you achieve your leadership potential. She built a career in corporate banking until she realized that she could help more people through business consulting. Catherine has developed a… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 66: Being Arrogant And Inward Focused

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Naked Marketing - Episode 66 - Willy Donaldson

Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Willy Donaldson Willy Donaldson is a self-proclaimed recovering CEO and author of “Simple Complexity”, a management book for C-suite executives to build better internal processes so that their organizations become more efficient while also improving employee satisfaction. Willy has been a CEO for multiple companies and knows a thing or… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 65: Messaging Didn’t Match Internal Actions

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Nathan Stuck Nathan Stuck is the Director of Culture & Strategic Impact of Ad Victoriam Solutions and believes that building a B corp culture should be the most important thing a company does. A B Corp Certification verifies that a business meets the highest standards of social performance, transparency, and… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 64: Took Online Funnel Classes That Didn’t Work With Target

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Angela Edwards Angela Edwards is the CEO of Castle Thunder Consulting, an executive coaching brand focused on scaling small businesses, particularly in shifting their mindset from being overworked and overwhelmed to becoming productive and focused. Angela initially was a certified project manager in the IT industry but felt that her… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 63: Marketing Based On Fear Vs. Creativity

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Michelle Eberhard Michelle Eberhard is the genius behind Ultimate Business Quest (UQB), a gamified business management app that asks users to complete “quests” in a fantasy-like game. Users can use the lessons they’ve learned on the platform for their real-life small businesses, with UBQ covering topics from business conception to… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 62: Not Following Up On Trade Show Leads

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Tom Pullen Tom Pullen is an innovator, both in his own personal life and in his industry. The CEO of Innovinco works with large-scale businesses that want to innovate their processes and become much more efficient. Because “innovation” can be defined differently for each client, all of Tom’s strategies are… continue reading »

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