Amazing Virtual Pivots


I loved reading about these amazing brick and mortar businesses who took a virtual approach to selling. I wanted to share them with you in this week’s post. Who Needs Gyms Anyway As a pre-covid gym rat, I would have rather not worked out for days if I couldn’t get to the gym. And I… continue reading »

Go Virtual or Vanish


Yep, that’s what a new McKinsey Covid B2B Decision Maker study is pretty much indicating. The stats are staggering and you’ll be drinking the digital coolAid once you’ve read them. Spends Dropping Faster Than The Speed of Light 50% of spending is projected to drop in every single industry with banking and insurance being the… continue reading »

Refusing to Turn on The Zoom Camera


The pandemic has probably got you sick of Zoom meetings. People who’d never heard of video conferencing are now having to do it as a regular part of their lives. My 11-year-old has no less than 5 Zoom calls a DAY as part of his private school curriculum. So I completely understand if you want… continue reading »

You Have To Respond To The Panic


We are in an unprecedented panic and chaos in the world. That’s not news to you. But if you’re a small business trying to navigate the mess, what might be news to you is that you have to change. And fast. Pivot Pivot American Airlines is taking out seats out of their cancelled flights and… continue reading »

Corona Virus Marketing


“I just don’t know where to network anymore Chala, what with the virus now and all big meetings and conferences being postponed. What do I do?” asked my client when we talked about her marketing plan this week. Hence, the birth of the new term that I’ve coined for my blog, Corona Virus Marketing. This… continue reading »

Responsiveness Is a Currency


Yes, the speed at which you respond to your customers and prospects is literally worth actual money. I didn’t always think this way. In fact, I lost a job as a research consultant in my early 30’s because I didn’t respond fast enough to a big-wig client. So they let me go. How about you?… continue reading »

Why the 33% Rise In Perfectionism is Hurting Your Business


I was afraid of doing Facebook Lives until very recently. Before that, I slayed my personal dragon of launching an online course for the first time in my life. Before that, I was afraid to launch a Podcast. Before that..well, you get the idea. What’s So Scary Ok, I’m not actually an extravert. Despite the… continue reading »

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