Marketing Mistake 85: Not Vetting Agencies Before Hiring

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Jules & Stace Jules and Stace are the married owners of OME (Oceans, Mountains, and Earth) Gear. They first started by working with the original design of Jules’ parents of a multi-functional outside chair and then improving it so that it had 5 features instead of 2. The couple’s story… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 84: Not Committing To a Specific Niche

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Naked Marketing - Episode 84 - Scott Anderson

Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Scott Anderson Scott Anderson is a professional business coach, serial entrepreneur, and owner of Double Dare Coaching – a unique coaching business that specifically works with high-level executives who are currently suffering from burnout. Having personally experienced burnout himself, Scott understands how the need to succeed can also lead to… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 83: Pestering My Competitors’ LinkedIn Connections

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Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Anca Trifan It was such a pleasure to speak with Anca Trifan, the CEO of Tree-fan Events, even though she was recovering from a head cold during the podcast and was still coughing. All the same, she imparted such valuable information – particularly when it came to marketing to a… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 82: Spending Too Much Time Figuring it Out Myself

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Naked Marketing - Episode 82 - Pete Mohr

Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Pete Mohr Pete Mohr of Simplifying Entrepreneurship understands how difficult setting up a successful business can be. Often, business owners know what they want to provide their target market but don’t know how to do it effectively and efficiently. This is where Pete comes in: He specializes in turning initial… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 81: Not Spending Money on Marketing or Your Website

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Naked Marketing - Episode 81 - Marcia Zaruba

Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Marcia Zaruba-O’Connor It’s incredibly exciting to speak with a fellow female entrepreneur – and Marcia Zaruba-O’Connor is no exception. The President and CEO of The O’Connor Group helps small to medium-sized companies build a solid HR infrastructure to help their businesses thrive, even during a pandemic. Marcia focuses on the… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 80: Not Delegating Responsibilities and Asking for Help

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Naked Marketing - Episode 80 - Kelly Gratz

Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Kelly Gratz Kelly Gratz, the CEO of g2o, is a firm believer in keeping up with the times. As the head of a growth strategy company, she knows all too well how important it is for companies to grow, engage, innovate, and streamline with modern times. Kelly works with companies… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 79: Paying for PR for a Book Launch with Zero ROI

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Naked Marketing - Episode 79 - Aaron Smith

Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Aaron Smith Aaron Smith, PhD helps business executives and HR professionals optimize their talents further by designing learning strategies that can be applied to their organizations. Aaron believes in learning smarter through design thinking and instructional design. Aaron’s story is quite fascinating – he initially started as an educator but… continue reading »

Marketing Mistake 78: Leave Behind Brochure Was Too Long

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Naked Marketing - Episode 79 - Aaron Smith

Naked Marketing Podcast with Guest, Craig Neal Craig Neal is a force to be reckoned with and with good reason. The organizational development coach has spent over two decades helping leaders improve their collective performance and continues to be one of the more popular coaches in that specific niche. Craig attributes his success to being… continue reading »

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